Helping Kids Put Their Best Foot Forward.

Our team treats our customers and community as family and we want to deliver at an even greater level. At AnyDay, we try to make a difference EVERY DAY which is why we’ve taken the initiative to provide children in need within our community with new shoes. By choosing our team as your trusted home service provider, you are making a difference every day, with AnyDay, to help children put their best foot forward. 

Children are not only the future of our generation but some of the kindest and brightest souls in our community. Please help us nominate children within our community in need of new shoes. Whether they need running shoes, dress shoes, or an extra pair with room to grow, our team wants to help!


Want to help support our mission?

Nominate Here

*Please submit a separate nomination for each child* 

Due to an influx of nominations, we will be holding quarterly pick-up events. Otherwise, please call our office to schedule a pick-up.

How Does It Work?

Nominate A Child In Need

If you know a child or family with children in need of shoes, please nominate them above. Their information will be kept confidential and does not need to be disclosed. What we do need is their gender, shoe size, and style preference.

Our Team Will Buy Their Shoes

Based on the criteria in your nomination, our team will buy a pair of shoes for the child in need.

Our Team Will Deliver Their Shoes

Our AnyDay team is AMBITIOUS and we’re striving to give 365 pairs of shoes to children in need this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Soles?

Daily Soles is one of our community initiatives where we strive to give back to our community by donating shoes to kids in need based on our communities nominations.

How do I nominate a child in need?

You can easily submit your nomination by going to DailySoles.com

How do I know if I have been selected?

Our team will reach out to you directly and we will have you attend one of our pick-up events. It is important to note that our team does select a batch at random for each pickup event due to the number of submissions. Even if you do not get selected the first time, you do have the opportunity to get chosen later! 

When will I be able to pick up my shoes?

In 2023, we will be hosting 4 per year, 1 per quarter. 

We love serving our community!

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Want to help support our mission?

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